Social, physical and energy infrastructure for today’s economy

Infracorp believes in unleashing the power of human ingenuity. We are an investment and development firm operating in the nexus between real estate, energy and infrastructure. We create the places, support systems and energy society needs to thrive. This is our story.

Our Ambition

Foresight and intention combine to realise positive socio-economic outcomes.

Infracorp understands economic growth has to be balanced with our planet’s support systems.

Our ambition is to create sustainable cities with infrastructure that serves peoples needs for supportive, habitable, living environments. By focusing on the needs of people and strengthening social connections, we can play our part in fostering an enduring society where life is enjoyable and people feel part of a vibrant, thriving community.

Understand our Philosophy

Watch our film and understand how we think and what we believe.

What We Do

Sustainable developments, supportive systems

We create the places, support systems and energy society needs to thrive. We develop city structures and road systems that connect people. We develop the social systems people need to develop and thrive including power generation and utilities.

Where We do Business

A growing global presence

Infracorp currently has projects under development in Bahrain, UAE, Morocco, Tunisia and India.







Environmental, Social and Governance

Helping society sustainably achieve realistic social-economic goals.

We understand that belief-based investing leads to more positive financial and socio-economic outcomes.

Typically, investments with considered due diligence across the ESG framework outperform those who ignore such impacts. As a firm dedicated to sustained, long-term investment performance, we appreciate the long view and this takes deep research into our chosen focus areas.